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about loudhailer

About Us

LOUDHAILER was founded by Kimberley Yong, a social media content creator in Singapore, who goes by the Instagram handle @kimbae_xoxo 

Inspired by the power of social media, Kimberley was convinced that brands could forge deeper connections with their consumers through storytelling. 

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Kimberley Yong

Kimberley is an out-going individual who believes that success comes from hardwork & a little bit of magic. Outside work, she loves to travel and has a passion for singinf & surfing.


Katelyn Tey
BD Executive

Katelyn is someone who loves travelling & visiting interesting corners around the World. As a creative individual, she always has an idea up her sleeve. She also never stops trying and she loves learning new skills and experience new things. 


Larry Koh
BD Executive

Larry is an extrovert who thrives whenever there’re good connections and conversations. He’s also a professional Business Developer with relevant experience in the business development process. Apart from work, he is a part-time photographer, and loves travelling and exploring the world out there.


Vanessa Wong
Campaign Manager

Vanessa is known for her bubbly personality. She enjoys the thrill of competition, the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team and the opportunities to connect with people! She believes that having a positive mindset will bring transformative effect to those around her. One of her favourite past times include indulging in a good cup of tea and exploring the little things in life.


Katherine Lim
Campaign Manager

Kat has an adventurous soul who finds immense joy in embracing life's exhilarating experiences. She finds great joy in seeking out opportunities to infuse a touch of originality and out-of-the-box thinking and believes that creativity knows no limits. During her free time, she likes to kick back with a nice cup of iced coffee and her favourite drama!

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